Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Five Years without a Dryer

I paid my dues and then some and I feel no guilt at all for giving in to this selfish creature comfort.  My family, Momma Texana and D, made me the happiest casalinga of all, you know a housewife.  Sure I study and hustle around three dirty little critters, but I do ALL THE LAUNDRY too.  And I've lamented this routine since we lived in the moldy grotto in the center of Rome.  Hanging wet garments, sweaters, socks and sheets to dry in the humid Roman winter is something of pure misery.  I adjusted and accepted this fate and I even procrastinated when upon Momma Texana's visit I denied her the immediate pleasure of installing a dryer. "I'll look at them" I told her.  Weeks turned into months and then the winter came, the sun left its position in my garden for the season and our laundry became my nemesis.  The monstrous pile looming in the corner, the sheets staying on the bed for longer than I ever allowed, reusing a sweater that smelled of firewood and jeans that had gone slack, this all became the norm.  And then I got online and researched and looked and compared and studies, and there it was.  "Mom?, I found it, a dryer, you were so right...does the offer still stand?"  She said very seriously "of course, get it there as soon as you can, and that's for Christmas."  Amazingly I will really excited to return home because I will have a washer AND a DRYER waiting for me.


  1. Hello Texana! I am a Texana as well...also married to a Romano! Pero' viviamo a Varese! I have to say, I have been living in Italy since 2006 and the first thing I demanded was a dryer! I admit it! And sometimes I even use it when it is sunny! (I am too lazy to handle every piece of clothing and instead I just stuff it all in the dryer!) Love your blog!

    1. Forgive my late reply, I had a bit of a break from blogging and this completely slipped by. Yes, I was determined to be tough about it, but too many soggy winters and I'd had enough. If you're ever in Rome, reach out, I'd love to shoot the sh#t with a fellow Texan. I hope to get to Varese and that area one day, how do you like it? Thanks for reading!